Letter From The Dean
 Our College of Informatics was newly established in 2014 by merging the Computer Department from the College of Education and the Information Security Graduate School, in order to lead with information technology at the cutting edge of the information revolution era of the 21st century. The College of Informatics Undergraduate School consists of the Computer Department and the Cyber Defense Department. The department trains creative talent, leads research in order to make a scholarly “impact,” and fuses other academic areas with the goal of new value creation. In order to achieve these goals, our college endeavors to expand financially and to raise scholarship acceptance rates so that passionate, competent students can focus on their studies and research.

 In order to train creative talent, our College of Informatics promotes a strong foundation so students that graduate from the College of Informatics will become leaders as they pursue careers in the business industry, research institutes, or continue on to higher education. By teaching knowledge of the field in a systematic and experiment-centric way, we strive for scholarly depth and the growth and education of leaders who will contemplate the direction of the country’s future development with the insight to adapt to new changes and understand the rapidly changing society due to information technology. Through these efforts, we expect many talented individuals to emerge from the College of Informatics who will go on to achieve worldwide recognition.

 For research that will make a scholarly “impact,” our college will make an effort to promote research that is acknowledged worldwide rather than merely increasing the number of research articles. In addition, we place emphasis on the applicability of research development results both directly and indirectly in the industry. As such we are actively collaborating with international scholars and participating in international conferences, and continuously interacting with the industry in order to integrate the technology developed by our college with the industry, and to understand any problems that arise in the industry and develop new research. Our efforts have resulted in the entry into the top 100 QS World University Rankings in the computer science field.

 Our college strives to fuse information technology with other academic fields in order to create new value. Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and other technologies that have a big impact on our lives are now being applied in other academic areas. While there is a need to overcome difficulties that arise when merging academics, but the opportunities for value creation through merging are great. Concrete examples include Bio Big Data through collaboration with the College of Medicine and Smart Car research through collaboration with the College of Engineering. Such efforts to merge academics have resulted in collaboration with the industry, and as a result it will contribute to the richness of our lives.

 I hope you will continue to show interest and support for our College of Informatics so that we may represent the Republic of Korea as an education and research institute through the tradition of Korea University that has defended the pride of our people. We encourage you to visit our website at info.korea.ac.kr or contact the dean’s office for more information.
105 Woo Jung Informatics Building, 145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (TEL: +82-2-3290-4931~2)
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